My Birthday and Steak Time

Dialogue 1 – (at home)

Father, Mother, Brother : Happy birthday Amber!!(together)
Amber(me) : Oh, thank you. ( with smile)
Father : I bought steak and I will make it today.
Mother, Brother, Amber(me) : Really? we’ll expect.
After father made the steak…
Father : Here are the steaks!
Amber(me) : It looks delicious!(and I ate the steak right away)
Mother, brother and father also ate steak and after we ate cake, too.

Dialogue 2 – (at the restaurant)

My family and grandparents went to the steak restaurant—Outback.
We were talking while eating steaks…
Amber(me) : Wow! I really want to come here and I’ll order everything in the menu!!(serious)
(After ordering the food) Oh, they are all so delicious!
Brother : Umm, delicious. How about ordering a juice?
Parents : Of course, what do you want, Amber?
Amber(me) : I want… mango juice!
Father : Okay. How about you, Tom?
Brother : I want some blueberry juice.
After we ate, I was happy and also grandparents were happy, too.
I had a great time.


Last Year, 2011 in Jeju Island

(Jeju Island)

Last year I had my summer vacation with my family in Jeju island. We went a lot of places so I was so tired.

(My Family)


First of all, we went to ‘Teddy Bear Museum’. There were lots of Teddy Bears. I saw cards of Teddy Bear, and the king Teddy Bear. Also, I saw an astronaut Teddy Bear. They were so cute. The most impressive one was ‘Swaroviski Teddy Bear’. This Teddy Bear is made of real crystal. Before it was already been priced 10,960,000 won at the auction house. The Teddy Bear was so expensive that I want to have one.

(King Teddy Bear)

(Astronaut Teddy Bears)

(Swaroviski Teddy Bear)

Second, we went to the Sea. I was tired because the course of sea was very hard and the road was so long. In summer, I had beads of sweat during walking. Finally, we arrived at the sea. I think the sea of in Jeju island was most beautiful I saw. When I saw the sea, I was surprised and it was so good. If I go to Jeju island, I will go to the sea again.

Third, we went to a hamburger house. This hamburger house was famous in Jeju island. When we arrived at the restaurant, we took an order of hamburger. It was amazing because the size of the hamburger was really big. This hamburger was so delicious that we took another order again. After I ate the two hamburgers I was sadden because I gained 2kg.

The last place we visited was the submarine. Before we rode the submarine, we had a glimpse of Jeju’s mountain. That day, the weather was so nice making everything nice to see. When we rode a submarine, my brother and I took pictures of lots of fish, also the diver greeted us. Into the sea, the water was blue, the fish were colorful, I saw various fish so I was happy.

When I went to Jeju island, I was so tired but I enjoyed it better than the last summer vacation. I made many nice memories and I will remember them all days of my life.

My School And My Best Friend

Without the vacations and weekends, I always go to school with my friends. Sometimes when I go to school, I walk amidst them so I can comfortably go to school. I meet my friends and go to school on foot.

When I arrive to school, I take my seat. My seat is somewhere amid the classroom. So I’m very happy because in the past, my seat was in the corner of the classroom making me unable to see the blackboard but I can now.

My best friend’s name is Oh Young Joo. She is always kind to me. That’s why I like her. She is the vice-president of a class, and she is smart so she can get good scores in all subjects. I always respect her. Whenever we don’t have a class, she approaches and sits by me, and talks to me about her happenings. I listen to her and talk about mine as well. After she and I became close friends, so many of our friends are jealous to us.

One day, she and I went to the school soccer playground during the break time. Suddenly, a boy kicked the ball high, and the ball came above us. I defended the ball so we couldn’t get hurt.

Every week, we change the turns for sweeping. Young Joo and I have the same cleaning duty. So whenever we finished the cleaning, we go home ahead and walk together along the street.

Amber’s Morning Routine


In the morning, my alarm is set for 7am. When it rings, I turn the other way because it is the way to turn off the alarm clock. So these days, I get up at 7:30am. And I start to eat breakfast fast, and I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, wash my face and my hair. After that I dry my hair for 10 minutes while my friends wait for me. I always feel sorry for them but I can’t change my bad habit.

When I’m done, I meet my friends and walk to school for 10 minutes. We have to go to school until 8:20am. So we always try to be in a hurry. We race to school and feel the thrill. We arrive to school right on time. At that time I’m already very strained but sometimes it is also very funny.

My Summer Vacation Homework

These days, summer vacation is busier than before because I’ve got to go to more academies. And then, I have 9 school homework this summer vacation. So I’m very worried about that since I have to finish them until August 22nd. Honestly, I felt it’s not only effective to study more but it is also very hard and tiring.

For my vacation homework, I have to buy materials to make dolls and put on the traditional clothes on it. But, I threw the dolls I made before. So, after I finished my academy, I went to the department store in a hurry with my mother. I didn’t have much time, I bought colored papers as fast as I can because I have to go home till 9:15pm. Unable to make it, I came home at 9:30pm—felt sorry for Hazel.

My First Blogging: A Challenge

This is my first time to blog. Actually this is a challenge to myself. I believe it is the best way to make my homework done and I feel comfortable with it. 

I wanted to write exciting things and share them with excitement. To have this blog, I am sure to acquire good memories. 

I know my friends are using, and other Korean sites to access with their friends but I opted using an English site to help me improve myself.